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Since we last talked, a series of unfortunate events recently occurred where our kid spilled water on my Surface Book. It was an accident; he dropped the cup when got sick and vomited everywhere. It's how we found out he had an ear infection.

Unfortunately, it's how my Surface Book started smoldering. Great.

With only the clipboard (top half) section remaining, and the obvious pain of a short battery life, plus poor performance without the base, I made a few "surface docks" to make me feel better about it.

The downstairs dock is an Indigo iMac that opens in the front for the clipboard to go inside. Aside from two small gaps that were resolved, It works out pretty well, being an almost functional decoration.

Surface iMac

The only downside is that the Surface Book has no USB ports in the clipboard section. There is a fan in it though to keep it cool. I'm passively searching for cheap surface docks that I can use to add USB to the clipboard.

The upstairs dock is also an iMac, but the G4 one that looks like Luxo. Had to cut out the parts of metal sticking out, and added some weight to the base. There is a small hole in the back where I can feed the charger through, and hide it under the arm. There is a stylus holder for the stylus I always lose on the back too. The clipboard has a better fit on the G4, and I've learned you can't underestimate the usefulness of an adjustable screen like this. Sadly, no USB still, so this is used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Surface Book iMac G4 'dock'

The base was eventually replaced: sold the crispy one and a few other things and got a good deal on a replacement that had an okay video card. It's so much faster with it. Good timing too, because the MacBook Pro died shortly after. The iMac G3 has been adjusted to fit the entire Surface Book with Base, and a USB hub attached to where it's original USB ports were lets me use it with an era-accurate keyboard and mouse.... Once I find an era-accurate keyboard and mouse. But I'm also addicted to using the TypeMatrix keyboard I got a few years back, so if anything, it may be just for show.

I've placed some images, etc. on a Zazzle store for those who want something. Mostly everything is close to the minimum markup except a few items where it's more of a donation gift than a purchase.

And finally, I sat down with the kid (the one that didn't kill the Surface Book) and wrapped our first game together, a set of Desktop Toys to waste time at work invest time on. And if you want it for free, use coupon code 'xcyz1l1'

The license I think will be interesting. Essentially, it's ridiculous to think anyone can enforce a no-copying rule, so I left it open. Copy, share, etc. Install it on your CEO's computer. Install it on HR's computer. If you want to send in a donation of another amount, you can always do so at the OpenDyslexic website, or fund my addiction to 3 meals a day and a place to sleep by subscribing to the Patreon, which comes with perks.

I should be able to catch up to emails this week(?), but if you never got a reply, feel free to send a new one.

I guess all this was to let you-the-reader know I've been keeping busy. Another promise to update the OpenDyslexic website provided I don't fall asleep while doing it.

There's also some NFC business cards I want to show, but I think my kid (the younger one).... did something to them. Perhaps in the same place the Surface Book pen is. Lost. shrug