LockerGnome hates their readers (apparently)

Ryan Pierson and Chris Pirillo discuss how ad-blocking software is ruining their revenue from LockerGnome on Google +(PDF).

I'd link to LockerGnome, but I don't really feel like it now. It's because Chris Pirillo acts like he hates his readers. Publicly also. His response to the people that disagree with him? Calls them worse than parasites.

Some screen grabs:

And later on he responds by calling everyone in the thread freeloaders:

(Side note: The offensive action here is not from Ryan Pierson, or the respectful way he shared his opinion. Chris Pirillo verbally attacked readers.) I think Chris has a problem outside of ad- blocking. I rarely ever look at LockerGnome because it is irrelevant and basic. There is no new information in there. It reminds me of the content on Kim Komando's website. There isn't very much discussion on the site either. Almost every article on the front page has no comments. It's no Engadget. It's no Gizmodo. What if their real problem is their articles generally aren't very good, and the bid for ads to be displayed has decreased? Of course not! There real problem is that everyone of their readers/customers is evil, a parasite, and uses ad-block. The problem can never be with them, it must be with the customer. And that's a winning attitude that causes companies to disappear.