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Image of the the scene where spock dies in The Wrath of Khan. It contains the dialog that follows the image.

Spock asks Kirk: "The ship, got to party?"

Kirk: Yes. We got to have our parties.

Spock: Don't grieve, Admiral. Have more parties. The convenience of the many outweigh
Kirk: -- the lives of the few?

Spock: or the one. what do you think of my solution? Can you accept me now? *dies*

Kirk: Damnit Spock, you had to make this all about you in the end, didn't you?


man -splain

"man -splain"
man -splain man ?

Merely mentioning linux in a chat got me a wall of text about what linux is. It's history. What it does. All of it only partially accurate too.

And I get that A LOT.


Star Trek Head-canon

Star Trek Head-canon

Since seeing Star Trek Enterprise as existing inside Quantum Leap, I've wanted to map out things that incidentally appeared. Are some of these a stretch? It doesn't matter. :)


  • No Man's Sky via The Traveller
  • Columbo via Captain Janeway's ancestry
  • Dr Who via My Little Pony via Discord via the Q...


The plan was to make an ornament for my wife, but too much went wrong to get it done on time. Especially the purchase of the wrong toner that meant printing the decals I needed at home was not happening. A friend suggests asking JaydotHolidayPopUp on Etsy to make a custom one. She asked what I wanted, and I gave her: "Zelda, hands folded, needs triforce" or something close to it. This is what I get in the mail (I backlit it for awesome detail):


Fantastic. It still needs to have some kind of homemade touch, so a clearance lawn LED light for $1 solves it all: solar panel, rechargeable battery, and charger. I swapped the LED for a white one. The LED is attached to the back of the ornament to light it up at night. During the day, it charges from the light & sunlight outside. It doesn't always charge well, but when it does, it's fantastic. This isn't an advertisement, but you can find this artist here: jdotsnyder,

2019 Christmas, Zelda Ornament

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