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For I was an hungred, and ye told me to get a job: I was thirsty, and ye told me I was lazy: I was a stranger, and ye left me in the cold: Naked, and ye stoned me: I was sick, and ye condemned me: I was in prison, and ye told me I should get right with God.

Unfortunately, most can't make the tie-in between the original statements made by Christ, and modern issues. While the original verses are indeed treated as still relevant, they are still mostly ignored by the general Church-going population. And God does take these very personally. All these things, He states, were done to Him, even though they were done to others. Because, what you do to God's children, He takes as a direct attack on Himself.

But, a little modernization helps to really drill the idea in, because, these things have been done to me directly, and to friends, by the very people that repeat the original verses on Sundays. When we drive by a homeless person, and should "get a job!" we are shouting that to Christ. I am reminded of the TV "christian" response to the Occupy protests being "get a job." We are told they are lazy. They are beaten, placed in tiny cages, and left out in the cold. They are condemned. And in prison, they are "bad people." No compassion for the oppressed that we sing of on Sundays, "Come unto Me." No love for our neighbor. And those that feed the hungry are thrown in cages also. We do these things in Christ's name sometimes! And these are things God takes very, very personally. These are things He counts as done unto Him. How our world would be different if a consistent application was made!

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