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The Einstein NewtonOS emulator was updated for Android recently, and I couldn't wait to get home from work to try it out. I had the older version on my HP Touchpad, and it was too pokey to be of much use.

I was really hoping for some performance enhancements. Got home and installed it. It works very well on my 32GB HP Touchpad. I'm running the latest CM9 nightly from 12/30. Sadly, I have no sound (oops, I broke my sound when I , or any way to adjust the resolution (but I can't remember if the latter was an iOS-only feature).

Einstein Newton Emulator on the HP Touchpad

Regardless, it was very speedy. It boots much faster than I remember my original 2100 being able to do. Outside of that, it seems to match the 2100's speed in many areas: both the fast and slow ones. Writing on it is enjoyable, and it isn't sluggish. I took notes at work today exclusively using Newton's notes, and it didn't hinder my work at all.

Einstein Newton Emulator on the HP Touchpad

If the aspect ratio were exact, the upscaling seems like it would be excellent. It's nicely smoothed and it look very good even on the 1024x768 display.

Einstein Newton Emulator on the HP Touchpad

Adding the green backlight was a nice touch. It'd be nice to be able to control it so that I can always keep it on if I chose to (it really is a nice shade of green), but its not that important. What is important is this: this is the closest I've gotten to using a Newton since I reluctantly sold my 2100 for rent money years ago. See the rest on Flickr!

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