The only people that get ‘it’ are Apple and Amazon

Apple’s strategy seems to be investing in a few features that matter, and blowing it out of the park when they are released. They focus on ways to improve user experience and For example: Retina displays. Manufacturers kept trying to improve screen size and resolution, and then Apple trumped it all when they introduced the Retina display. Now you can’t really compete w/o offering as good a ppi on your LCD’s. And you also can’t practically compete by offering a higher one (looking at you RIM), because you can’t reasonably tell the difference. You are reduced to hoping your customers are idiots if you do this.

Combine this with very good UI/UX (mostly UX, and it could be better, but it seems no one wants to go there) and you have the current situation of an almost unbeatable device with everyone else fighting for second place. Who cares if Android can do “everything and anything,” if I am slowed down by its UI, or it works inconsistently. An android phone/tablet’s only markets are: budget purchases, people who don’t have an iPhone, and people that don’t mind dealing with Android just to have a specific feature they actually need, or just to not have an iPhone. Is Android taking market share? Perhaps, but I suspect only related to those three sections.

Apple’s recent switch to selling yesterday’s hardware at a lower cost isn’t helping the competition much either. They release a new plate of devices at intervals while killing the previous models. That means there are no new, cheaper devices on the market for that company. Apple will sell you a new yesterday iPhone, at a cheaper price, and support it.

Amazon recently has ‘gotten it’ as far as customer experience goes. They provide excellent services that tie-in to their Kindles, support the older hardware, with the bonus of doing it cheaply. Since Amazon sells services, they can afford to subsidize the hardware with the intention of adding additional subscribers. They also sell a specific user experience: convenient and pleasant reading (and more recently, additional Amazon services).

What do competitors offer against these two other than catching up? Almost nothing. They add features, but only as growing lists in hopes that people will buy the device that has the largest one. Perhaps this is the reason every eReader is a Kindle for some people. And every tablet is an iPad. And every smartphone is an iPhone.


  1. I used to buy Apple products, but I just found their hardware to be of low reliability, and there UI designs are overrated of late, they are resting on their laurels.

    Regarding the hardware. I bought a Macbook in 2007, which I had to spend weeks returning to the shop as the battery would not charge. Eventually the Mac re-seller acknowledged the problem and fixed it, but not without a lot of hassle.

    I had also bought my mother a G5 iMac. Within 12 months the monitor started showing vertical discoloration which was not covered by warranty, and this was on a computer used a few times a week to talk to family abroad or book a ticket.

    I traded my my Macbook for a Macbook Pro. Within 3 years the battery was barely able to hold a charge, unlike my comparable ThinkPAD which is still going strong. I had to remove the battery after it started swelling, and now it is about 3 times its original size. I bought a new battery, but that won’t charge. I suspect the logic board. Also it keeps blowing the memory in one of the dimm slots.

    I tried a few weeks ago to update my Girlfriends dad’s iPhone 4 on his Mac Pro tower. I could not as he doesn’t have the latest version of OSX (nor can he install it), and therefore can’t get the latest version of iTunes. I’ve having to use a PC to perform this task.

    I use and have used a great many OSs. OSX/iOS have lost their lead and there edge, and no just coast along. I recently purchased an Ultrabook and there was no way I would trust my productivity to Apple again. I wish they would start thinking differently again, instead of just telling us that they are great and brilliant.

    • I hope that in 3 years, my MacBook doesn’t wind up like your apple products. o_O I suspect I’ll have nightmares now. 😛

      I did have a thinkpad, and a week after warranty, the MB fried. >_< generally, I don't think many people make the computers like they used to.


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